Monday, March 13, 2017

Student Divisions and Barriers

Hi! Sorry I was in hiatus for a year. I didn't make a follow up blog post in my first ever entry in my blog because I was busy being a High School student. It wasn't so bad after all but yeah, I had my ups and downs. And Oh! I'm now 13 years old turning 14 this year and have grown a little taller.

Anyways, I guess I just want to share with you what I wrote for our school paper. I'm one of the writers and I was assigned to write something about student division. Below, you can read my unedited version that I'm going to share with you. An edited and final version of this will be published in our school paper. So, here's my thought about this topic.

St. Mary's—a sanctuary of tightly woven bonds between divisions of students and also teachers, where negative vibes were unwelcome. I must say, it used to be one— that was before the era we live in right now. A second home for boys and girls yearning to learn more about their environment and to prepare themselves for the real world. But what about now? We have been always distracted by the so-called beauty of the new world, the era of technology and true modernity, and the image it projects towards us. The trends nowadays, and even the bad things, addictions that they call 'good,' these bonds have slowly started to loosen, separating us from society. For instance, instead of a group of chatting students in the middle of the school park, all we can see is just a lone student tapping on her phone, ignorant of what was going around her. Instead of a pair of best friends talking decently about their plans, we hear profanities and bad jokes about any matter not to be jested, nothing more. I could be considered a hypocrite for criticizing this matter and being a bad joker myself, but it's true. Each one of us is not an exception when succumbing to the pleasures of this world. Even though it wasn't obvious, we are slowly drifting away from the school's true motives. A very good example of this may refer to the highschool students. Even though I never met the school's founder himself, I am very sure Michael Costello would be quite disappointed in the change brought about in the school. The true spirit of the St. Mary's highschool division aims to prepare us for the real, independent world, where the only ones we can depend on are each other. That would mean we have to form bonds with people, adapt to the environment, learn life hacks through our journey. Our goals, our dreams are housed right in this school, and it can only be obtained not by an individual, independent being, but through patience, cooperation, perseverance and hard work. St. Mary's school was designed to be a reservoir of knowledge and a place where there are numerous opportunities. Anyone smart enough to realize that may be safe from these uprising problems, and he or she is instrumental in helping the school create bonds between students again. Then maybe, just maybe, St. Mary's will be as it was before.