Friday, November 16, 2018

Kagayan Food Tour 2018: Part I

My mom and I arrived at 4:34 pm at Pane e Dolci. We were told to go to the second floor and it was a bit quiet since a group of bloggers were still at another venue...and I just gained a fear of wooden floors. Ho, boy. Maybe I was just tensed or excited coz it was the first food tour that I ever attended.
How did I get here?
At 4:41 pm, a party of bloggers arrived riding the colorful Odyssey van. Looking down, I recognized Tita Ruby and few others.

4:45 pm Ensaymada was served on our table and I was tempted to eat but hesitant to do so coz nobody's eating it yet...oh, bloggers... they were too busy taking pictures on the snacks, and the place. 
Later,the bottle was served on our table and I thought it was wine...but it was actually water. Quite disappointed that it wasn't... but why should I? I'm still 15 years old (contradicting my statement, am I?)

4:51 pm, Oh-la-la, my prayers were answered! Itadakimasu!

At 4:55 pm, a promotional video was shown, it was cute and catchy. And while we ate our snacks, Sir Mark Antony Lacuesta, business partner of the chef further explained to us about their business, what they offer and what are their bestsellers. His barista also showed us how to make coffee. They said they can even tweak the flavor to whatever we want in order to have our preferred taste...sounds interesting.
They said the best age for coffee is 7-12 days. As the coffee ages, they adjust the grinding of coffee from coarse to...*insert blender noise* just interrupted my bad hearing.

At 5:15 pm my coffee was served. Whoah, it looks s-e-x-y! However, it tasted so bitter I had to add more sugar until it became too sweet to drink. Dang, what have I done?
I wasn't able to keep track of the time anymore because it started raining hard. We left Pane e Dolci very much grateful for the accommodation and for giving us a box of their famous Sylvannas.
Our next and last stop that day was at Boy Zugba. Despite the heavy downpour of the rain, we were able to reach our destination at dinnertime. I got suddenly famished seeing all the food the staff prepared on the table. 
But bloggers being bloggers, we have to do our duties first -- taking pictures of the glorious food! I could only imagine how these foods would soon go down to my esophagus and to the depths of my intestine. Er, that sounds unappetizing.
When we finally settled down and enjoyed our meal, Boy Zugba staff suddenly stopped serving to do some dance number. But I was too busy eating and enjoying the sumptuous food that I don't recall what music was played and how they stopped dancing. Blame it on the good food. I went home full and satisfied. Never thought Food Tour could be this fun.
That's all folks!