Saturday, December 29, 2018

Kagayan Food Tour 2018: Part II

Lord Thanatos is back again, my dear readers (If I have one, er, uhm, hope so...), and as of now I'm just missing out on almost all of the pictorials in exchange for the butt-caressing comfort of...the couch. (Okay, that sounded dumb.)

The past few hours have been hectic and frustrating. I'll just get straight to the point, so let's all pretend that the road rage and extreme in-vehicle swearing never happened, alright? Good. Buckle your seat belts, kiddies...

(Note: Had to hold off the little journal-writing project for a while due to some inconveniences and a six-week interval regarding the examinations. And perhaps a disastrously lazy Christmas vacation. Thanks for considering :D)

Due to some mad parking-lot traffic, I went inside Seda ahead of my mom (and can you believe she just drop me off and let me ride the elevator by myself?!) in order to get the memo. Take note that when I say memo, I mean I would just look right over where there is the most attention and try to glue them in my mind and hopefully not be like a goldfish. Ah, such is the life of an unreliable blogger... As for my mom,
she almost turned crazy for not being able to make it on time. So much for traffic and madness.
Before you get worried about me, I was met by my blogger aunt when I arrived at the 4th floor of Seda Hotel just in time for the program to start. The opening ceremony was spectacularly stellar, really, but I was mostly entranced by the soundtrack (thanks, Ready Player One!), the smell of food, the appearance of Miss Cagayan and the animation projected on the wall (yes, I have such an eye for detail...XD). But the spotlight goes to the choir group for their amazingly synchronized performance of classic Christmas carols. 

Since we were told to wear something blue, I wore my denim dress. But I never thought it would be quite formal. Luckily, I'm just a teenager who could easily get away with any formalities. It was actually a cocktail party so expect that the food served were - finger foods. I was bit hesitant to get some drinks, afraid that I might get the hard one and went home with mom drunk...geez, that would be terrifying.
At least I got the memo right. Me in denim.
Anyhoo, lemme share with you some pics of the foods that night. I guess you could tell people were starving based on the pictures.
Told yah people were starving
What's left of barbecue or kebob

So, after we had a bit of a dinner in Seda (sadly, I was still starving by the time we got to the car), we went to our next venue, Superstar KTV bar. Yes, I know what you are thinking. "But Chloe, you're supposed to be a minor!" Everyone knows I could be easily kicked out by the bouncer, but since Micah Izabel (treasure of my heart♥) and I were accompanied by legal adult guardians and blogging privileges, we got lucky. Very, VERY lucky...and I am not talking about the dancing ladies that I never noticed. Because, in a separate place and a separate time, I have to give the award to their food.

You have to admit, for a place I never really expected to go to (and never expected to be allowed to go to), they served the best dinner. That, or perhaps I was just starving. Nachos drowned in cheese, fried chicken, fries, cocktails (I'm still a minor, so I don't know), and the ambrosia of the gods--kinilaw. Lord, it was the best dinner you would ever have if you could tolerate loud karaoke, pounding vibrations on the floor, and the fact that your age depends on it. The Superstar KTV staff were kind enough to let us stay as long as we want, but due to other matters to attend to, some of us kids (specifically, two of us only) had to go home. Kinda sad, since I still didn't finish my coke yet but well, we can't always get what we want.
Spicy chicken with fries & Nachos (partly cropped in the pic)
Kinilaw - best kinilaw ever!
 As a whole, those two food tour days really did give me a bit of an experience. At least, as much experience a kid halfway becoming a hermit can have. I was able to relieve my tongue of fresh new tastes that don't involve the same takeout meals from everyday, and I gained some insight to the bountiful resources (oh, yeahhhh!!!) that Cagayan de Oro provides its inhabitants and visitors. Hopefully, I and my fellow bloggers would have another foodie experience again...and maybe, just maybe, go back to that same friggin' bar. XD