Sunday, June 10, 2018


I'm pretty sure I've told you that I'll blog about my CCS months one way or another, right? Okay, here we go!

You see the girl in the drawing? That's my friend Marla--a perky, outgoing, friendly girl whose 80 percent of her personality is pretty much opposite of mine. But otherwise, we're really great friends ever since...(cue the DO NOT ASK neon sign). Honestly, she's a friggin' bright and happy spot in this CCS life. And she's...I should stop gushing. Geez.

So just earlier during the summer, I decided to make her a drawing--my first full-colored drawing--because usually I only do that for a select few people, so ya better feel honored if this tsundere named Chloe Alexandra likes platonic terms such as this amazing human being named Marla Elise (hides behind an Aegis). I should draw more people, seriously, but I'm horrendously lazy.

Who should I draw next, huh...?