Friday, March 19, 2021

Temporary Hiatus Cut!

I guess I'm back from the dead, huh.

Apologies for the long hiatus. For the sake of this blog's existence, I'll just leave something I made in here (since the video is too large to upload):

Friday, February 7, 2020

3rd Ayala Centrio Art Tents to Showcase Filipino Global Talents, Raise Funds for Tent City

February is National Arts Month and in keeping with tradition of being the home of the local arts and creative community, Ayala Centrio will again host “Art Tents” from February 7 to 12, 2020 at the Activity Center.

Art Tents is a 5-day affair whereby Ayala Centrio turns its grounds into spaces for painters, animators, designers, poets, writers, performers and visual artists to share their work and expertise and where mall-goers indulge in various artistic experiences. 

Now on its 3rd run, the event this year will also take a major leap as it will not only showcase the unique craft of well-experienced, global artists but will also aim to raise funds for a tent city. 
“What started as a community project has now certainly evolved into a colorful, safe and exciting avenue that everyone looks forward to and learns from every year. Ayala Centrio takes tremendous pride in this synergy that we have with the community,” shared Ayala Centrio Mall General Manager Hammer Roa. 

The resource speakers for the art talks are the following: 

Unchalee Anantawat – Born in Bangkok, she studied animation in Melbourne. In 2012, she and her friend Thomas Menard opened “Speedy Grandma,” an independent-run space that aims to support local and international artists and give them an alternative to the Thai contemporary art scene. She also opened “Poop Press,” an independent publisher that aims to energize the self-publishing culture in her native Thailand. 

Leeroy New – Born in General Santos and now based in Manila, multidisciplinary artist Leeroy has worked on immersive and psychedelic installations in New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Japan, Sydney, Thailand, Taipei, Singapore and Melbourne. His work intersects with different creative industries including installation, sculpture, fashion, production design, costuming and performance. He was a recipient of the Asian Cultural Council residency in New York in 2015 and was part of the Singapore Biennale 2008. 

Anjo Bolarda – An artist, muralist, graphic designer, illustrator and cultural worker. His works have been exhibited in several local and international venues. He will also be creating a mural at the Centrio Garden. 

Karl Adrian Aguro – Based in Cagayan de Oro, this graphic designer runs Uncurated Studio, a one-man graphic design studio founded in 2017. He won the championship during BluPrint Magazine’s 6th Design competition under the graphic design category in 2016. His works have also been published in BranD (Hong Kong) and IndieType (China).

Chingkee Te-Motoomull – The woman behind homegrown milk tea shop, Chingkeetea. She is part of a community that knows how to appreciate the value of art, the people behind it and the role it plays in the business setting. Currently, she is running 5 branches of her milk tea shop. 

Chris Gomez – A mentor accredited by the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship under Product Development, Chris was a finalist in the Habi Kadayawan 2019 Fashion Accessories Design Competition (Professional Category). A multidisciplinary creative and advocate for sustainable design, he creates relevant works that push his philosophy of solving problems without sacrificing good design. 

Ivan Macarambon – An award-winning artist, Ivan uses a wide range of materials, techniques and styles, He makes murals, assemblages, 3D objects, installation art, sound art and digital art. He was a finalist in the Lethbridge 20000 Small Scale Art Award in Brisbane and the ANL Mission to Seafarers Maritime Art Award in Melbourne, Australia’s national still life painting award. He also served as representative of his region in the Committee on Visual Arts of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts from 2004 to 2007. 

Zola Gonzalez-Macarambon – Currently studying at Monash University (Australia) and working towards a PHD in Film, Media and Communications, she is a teacher and writer from Cagayan de Oro. Her poetry has been published in Tingog Nanay (2017, University of San Agustin), Best of Dagmay 2 (2016, Ateneo de Davao University), Yes, Poetry, Misfit Magazine, The Literary Yard, Zombie Logic Review, among others. Her work was also featured in Peril’s Asian-Australian Arts and Culture, 10th anniversary Asians To Watch Out For issue. Patrick Gabutina – The person behind Tinabuan Arts and Crafts. 

Patrick has more than 34 years combined experience in a multi-faceted career that has connected the arts, public service (in capacities as elected official, government employee and consultant and education. He earned an MA in Government Management from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. 

During the 5-day event, there will be booth workshops, maker’s market, film marathon, indie music, public art and live mural painting. 

Ayala Centrio also partnered with the Ayala Foundation in rebuilding a tent community in Kidapawan. 

In addition, eco tote bags will also be made available from February 7 to March 31, 2020. Designed by Melissa Abuga-a, a Kagay-anon visual artist and a participant of Art Tents as well, each eco tote bag will be sold for Php 180, the proceeds of which will be added to the donation to Kidapawan. 

Among the exhibitors and workshop resources this year include Lei and Lyle, NAGMAC, Hands At Work, Indie CDO, CDO Film Society, Bowerbird, Anjo Bolardo, Write Script, D Vision, Oro Arts Guild, Bam Garibay, Artsada and Dan + Deva.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy 2020!!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Sharing to you what I've made lately. I made me and my family a chibi version as our family picture. If you can't find me, whale, I'm the one wearing black shirt with a white headphone. Since I'm the artist, I had the privilege of altering myself, eheheheh....

Below is the original pic. Just need to make some changes coz you will not definitely recognize me if I go with this one ✌

Monday, December 30, 2019

CDOBloggers' Christmas Party 2019

Hey Guys! Miss me? Sorry, I've been missing for some months. Forgive my inexcusable absence but going to a new school has taken a lot of tool in me. I know it's not an excuse but I have no other excuse.. if you get what I mean. 

Finally, it's Christmas vacation and now I have some time to blog (apart from extending my sleeping hours then spend the rest of the day doodling in my sketch pad). 

This afternoon, I was finally able to join CDOBloggers' Christmas Party along with my mom. Honestly, I was a bit awkward coz I've been M-I-A in a lot of events in this great Organization for the past months. So, I was a bit guilty --- but excited, too. My mom just helped me create my PayMaya account and I was hoping to win some games to get some, you know, PayMaya credits! (and I did! yay!). It was also a bit odd on my part being the youngest in this org coz they decided that we come in our 50's attire. Well, mom and I went for those (badass or bratty?) girls in the 50's called The Forgotten 1950's Girl Gang (ha. ha.). See our pic below. But I think we just look casual...🤔

The party took place at the Mezzanine room at the 2nd floor of The VIP Hotel. I only have few pics in our party so I guess I'd rather share with you the food that was served that day.

Bulalo soup 😋

And how lovely are these? You may think these are cupcakes but they are actually soap. Got one for myself and it smells like perfume :-) 

Friday, May 24, 2019

Cyberlegends Taking E-Sports by Storm at SM CDO Downtown Premier

Welcome to Mobile Legends!

Cyberzone the leader in tech and innovation in the country is also now taking the E-sports by storm with its latest tournament, CYBERLEGENDS. 

“With the fast growth of the gaming community, we aim to take it a notch higher as we offer Filipino e-gamers and fans an extraordinary experience through live tournaments and exclusive access to the latest in tech in select SM malls,” said SM Supermalls Senior Vice President for Marketing Jonjon San Agustin.

Cyberzone’s Cyberlegends is the first of the three big gaming tournaments for this year and it’s powered by Smart/PLDT & Samsung.  Mobile Legends enthusiasts, amateurs and pro gamers can win P300,000.00 of total cash prizes at stake and freebies from Cyberzone brand partners. 

Cyberlegends will happen at SM CDO Downtown Premier on May 25, on the 29th of June at SM Seaside City Cebu, at SM Pampanga on July 14 and finally at SM North Edsa of the 24th of August.
You have slain an enemy!
No matter what your tech interest is, whether it be gaming, virtual reality, tech upgrades, cosplay, photography, music, or other hobbies – there will be something for you at Cyberzone. For more information, visit

Saturday, May 18, 2019

CDOBloggers' First GMM at Seven Seas

CDOBloggers had its first general membership meeting last May 11, 2019 at none other than Seven Seas Waterpark & Resort, and as usual...I was one of the last ones to arrive 👏👏.

Where is Waldo?
Supposedly, we would have been there in time for the speech, the highlight of the event and perhaps the food, so technically it was my fault that we were late due to a hitch in my schedule. And supposedly—I have to be honest here—I, a first-timer, wouldn’t have high expectations for the waterpark after having to deal with many twists and turns in the road.

Now Playing: Welcome To The Late Parade
No surprises—it surprised me (the irony of the sentence, lol). The first thing that greeted me once we were granted access to the premises was the cool mist sprayed everywhere to give a certain beachside effect to it, and that was already it (kudos to their creativity!). Next was...again, the food. Granted, it was reserved for the event, but damn—the salad, the beef, the iced tea and the pumpkin soup won the grand prize. Looking back on it, I regret being too anxious about the waterpark’s time-limited features, because I lacked the time to properly appreciate how good the food was.

Be my guest!
I don’t regret trying out the rides themselves, though—or more accurately, at least a fraction of the waterpark experience. Being an open hydrophobic, it was quite silly of me to freak out at first at the Mighty Maui River, but soon enough it grew on me like a drug. Unfortunately, it closes by five PM, and I am fairly certain I mentioned my severe lack of punctuality for this event.

But on the upside, Buccaneer Bay largely compensated for the fun I missed. Or, per say, as much fun as a self-proclaimed shut-in can have, because it mostly involved laying down on the “coast”, randomly “sitting” or “standing” around at about two feet below the surface, or bobbing around like an oversized toddler in a (my English has begun to diminish, my apologies) salbabida. And like every other ride, it is under a time limit of until six. Bl0@dy h*11...

There's Waldo!
For a first-timer such as I myself, I’d say that the waterpark adventure back there was worth every second. And if you ask me, I’m willing go back there one day and ditch a bit of my hydrophobia for more of the experience. Maybe I’d be lucky enough to try out more of the pumpkin soup... c(*w*c )

Fare thee well, hombres!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Kagayan Food Tour 2018: Part II

Lord Thanatos is back again, my dear readers (If I have one, er, uhm, hope so...), and as of now I'm just missing out on almost all of the pictorials in exchange for the butt-caressing comfort of...the couch. (Okay, that sounded dumb.)

The past few hours have been hectic and frustrating. I'll just get straight to the point, so let's all pretend that the road rage and extreme in-vehicle swearing never happened, alright? Good. Buckle your seat belts, kiddies...

(Note: Had to hold off the little journal-writing project for a while due to some inconveniences and a six-week interval regarding the examinations. And perhaps a disastrously lazy Christmas vacation. Thanks for considering :D)

Due to some mad parking-lot traffic, I went inside Seda ahead of my mom (and can you believe she just drop me off and let me ride the elevator by myself?!) in order to get the memo. Take note that when I say memo, I mean I would just look right over where there is the most attention and try to glue them in my mind and hopefully not be like a goldfish. Ah, such is the life of an unreliable blogger... As for my mom,
she almost turned crazy for not being able to make it on time. So much for traffic and madness.
Before you get worried about me, I was met by my blogger aunt when I arrived at the 4th floor of Seda Hotel just in time for the program to start. The opening ceremony was spectacularly stellar, really, but I was mostly entranced by the soundtrack (thanks, Ready Player One!), the smell of food, the appearance of Miss Cagayan and the animation projected on the wall (yes, I have such an eye for detail...XD). But the spotlight goes to the choir group for their amazingly synchronized performance of classic Christmas carols. 

Since we were told to wear something blue, I wore my denim dress. But I never thought it would be quite formal. Luckily, I'm just a teenager who could easily get away with any formalities. It was actually a cocktail party so expect that the food served were - finger foods. I was bit hesitant to get some drinks, afraid that I might get the hard one and went home with mom drunk...geez, that would be terrifying.
At least I got the memo right. Me in denim.
Anyhoo, lemme share with you some pics of the foods that night. I guess you could tell people were starving based on the pictures.
Told yah people were starving
What's left of barbecue or kebob

So, after we had a bit of a dinner in Seda (sadly, I was still starving by the time we got to the car), we went to our next venue, Superstar KTV bar. Yes, I know what you are thinking. "But Chloe, you're supposed to be a minor!" Everyone knows I could be easily kicked out by the bouncer, but since Micah Izabel (treasure of my heart♥) and I were accompanied by legal adult guardians and blogging privileges, we got lucky. Very, VERY lucky...and I am not talking about the dancing ladies that I never noticed. Because, in a separate place and a separate time, I have to give the award to their food.

You have to admit, for a place I never really expected to go to (and never expected to be allowed to go to), they served the best dinner. That, or perhaps I was just starving. Nachos drowned in cheese, fried chicken, fries, cocktails (I'm still a minor, so I don't know), and the ambrosia of the gods--kinilaw. Lord, it was the best dinner you would ever have if you could tolerate loud karaoke, pounding vibrations on the floor, and the fact that your age depends on it. The Superstar KTV staff were kind enough to let us stay as long as we want, but due to other matters to attend to, some of us kids (specifically, two of us only) had to go home. Kinda sad, since I still didn't finish my coke yet but well, we can't always get what we want.
Spicy chicken with fries & Nachos (partly cropped in the pic)
Kinilaw - best kinilaw ever!
 As a whole, those two food tour days really did give me a bit of an experience. At least, as much experience a kid halfway becoming a hermit can have. I was able to relieve my tongue of fresh new tastes that don't involve the same takeout meals from everyday, and I gained some insight to the bountiful resources (oh, yeahhhh!!!) that Cagayan de Oro provides its inhabitants and visitors. Hopefully, I and my fellow bloggers would have another foodie experience again...and maybe, just maybe, go back to that same friggin' bar. XD