Monday, October 29, 2018

Cebu Pacific Blogging Event 2018

Last September 17, 2018, the very distinguished CDOBloggers were invited by Cebu Pacific held at Giuseppe Restaurant. Whale, I was very glad to be part of it (*red blush on my cheek*). We were brought through an orientation about saving the environment from the terrors of plastic and how it affects our environment. They also had fun trivia games and our group won--YAY!--thanks to that genius blogger since I didn't have a single clue of what's the correct answer to the questions being asked.  

I'm not sure exactly, because as always, I always join events as long as they have food (*horrified gasps* *cue paper cups thrown at my face*). Okay, okay...sorry.
So, yeah, we got freebies (thank you) consisting of a small stuffed Sebby (is that how I spell the name or is it Ceby or Cebie or *horrifically explosive lobotomy*) ohmygods  IT'S CEB (gasp of revelation...thanks Google).
Before the program's over, Cebu Pacific gave us a set of metal straws in the name of Mother Nature and a little phone-lock-thingy.

Thanks for the educational orientation, Cebu Pacific. And perhaps the freebie tickets. (Hopefully I'd get one myself next time...kukukukuku~)

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Correction: I cannot escape this plane of reality. WE cannot escape this friggin' plane of reality. Admit it.
So...I'm back, guys. And so far, I haven't even posted (as much as started) all the things I've planned to write down. I haven't posted the Wonder Woman movie  (sorry) or even Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War and every single action movie for the year 2017-2018 (forgive me, bloggers, for I have sinned). Not even Crazy Rich Asians (please don't kill me). I haven't even written down my whole year as a ninth-grader, for Cthulu's sake! *deranged, frustrated Gerard-Butler-screaming*
I take back that previous statement. I don't even want to talk--err, write about my Junior year. And on a completely unrelated note, I suggest you read Lovecraft. Going back to the subject...
It's been a long time since I actually wrote down something that peaked at my interest, and almost everything interests me that now my brain is jumbled into Azathoth-looking fizzy bits (okay, enough description). I'm horrendously busy these days but at least I got my mum to thank for saving my sorry, writer's-blocked butt several times. There's school, there are new responsibilities I've never heard of but earned anyway in that same school, life.
'What?!' You would exclaim, wondering how the alignment of the stars gone wrong and why Fate has decided to direct her scorn upon this innocent (pffft) dimension of reality. 'Chloe Orteza and social life? Those do not belong on the same sentence!'
Yeah, I know. I, the Cagayanon introvert of all Cagayanon introverts, made great friends. But yes, I laid off my blogging career--if it's a legit career at all--for my (very much skewed) priorities. The unfortunate part of that is my English just started slowly dwindling and I will NOT give you the write to blame me, because you can blame the new environment I'm in. Okay, that sounded a little harsh. Expect some wrong grammar, rushed sentences, a load of sarcasm and completely unrelated notes and references. All of them, courtesy of me--a lazy and halfway depressed kid who wastes time on games, food and depression episodes and still has no idea what all the good boys and girls would like to have for their 2AM read-ups. Assuming I have any late-night readers at if you would like to make any corrections to my grammar, let me know.
It's the year 2018, and honestly? I'm glad to be back here: staring at a glaring white screen writing about my reflections on life (and more ads) while listening to Coldplay and A7X. And reflecting on life. Such is the life of Chloe Alexandra Orteza.