Sunday, January 9, 2022

Saying Hello To 2022 (or quite perhaps 2020 Part 2)

Good morning from my end, and much apologies for the dreadfully punny, cheesy title. What were you expecting, a heartfelt letter on how I would experience post-New Year enlightenment and yammer on about how it will be a blessed 2022? Oh, sweetie.

Here you see an obligatory picture where I seem to dramatically contemplate on wherever the currents lead me in this journey of life, as the wind sweeps past my legs and brings with it the bitter tang of sea salt and unforseen circumstances to arrive my way. Why I even stuck it there, I have no idea. But go ahead and enjoy the view while you still have the time, because 2023 is closing in quicker than I thought and it is a matter of time before we realize that one day, we will be nothing more than dried husks clawing for the sweet nectar of halcyon memories that can never return.

On that somewhat cheerful note, Happy New Year (I guess)!

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